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Paul Nicholl – Savage Garage Fight Team Interview

September 25th, 2011 Duane No comments

What first got you into martial arts? How long have been training?

Hahaha second question first the official answer (the more easily believed one!) to this is since May 1991 the real answer is I’ve been training
in fighting ever since I can remember which is about 2 years old!! I have clear memories of being that young and playing, learning, training in fighting! Which nicely plays into the answer to the first question, again official answer is I used to watch Bruce Lee, the Water Margin and Monkey as I was growing up and they inspired me but to be honest I read a book called Dianetics a couple of years ago and in it the author talked about a person having a basic purpose and that they know this from a very young age, this made sense to me as I’d heard of football players, singers, dancers etc all doing what they do at a very young age but I didn’t know mine until a friend of mine who’d read the book asked me very strongly what I was doing when I was a child and the memory hit me suddenly of being taught fighting by a friend of my Dad’s, it was an amazing moment for me and now I can’t believe I didn’t spot it previously lol….thanks for listening to/reading that without yawning too much!! Lol

Which martial arts taken part in before doing Jui Jitsu Grappling?

Shotokan Karate and Tae kwon Do!

What or who inspired you to train in the art of Jui Jitsu?

I saw the UFC in 1995 and was obsessed from that moment, so like sooo many people Royce Gracie really!

As a no-Gi-Grappler do you still have belts for grading?

No I’ve done the belt thing before and to be honest it’s no guarantee of quality!

Did you previously learn wearing a Gi?

Yes I loved donning the white armour and may well indulge again someday, especially if a student of mine wants to compete in gi competitions, but for now it’s no-gi all the way!

Do you think there is a difference between combat sports and self defence on the streets? As a coach do you teach both?

Hell yeah anything that you see banned in competition you should use to defend yourself in the street, as they’re banned because of the amount of damage they can cause, of course you have to weigh up the situation yourself and be responsible for whatever you do to the person your facing, if it’s a situation where you could walk away but you fight then I think you’re probably going to pay for it somehow and not in a good way!

I have done and I make sure my students understand that sport MMA isn’t total street defence but can be useful in it!

Can you tell us about your club – Savage Garage and how it came about? Cool name and logo by the way Paul.

Why thank you sir:-)  Lol it’s fairly simple in that it originated in a garage and savage rhymed and fit nicely, to be honest it’s an ever so slightly tongue in cheek name, we’re of the Kazushi Sakuraba attitude where we take it seriously but with an element of humour, there’s sooo much macho B.S that goes on in the martial arts and I try to stay away from it as best I can however let me reiterate we train seriously and we do our best to win anything we compete in!

I hear your club is a hosting a Ryan Hall BJJ Seminar. What can the seminar attendees expect on the day?

Oh yeah I am soooo jazzed up for this seminar, the guy is phenomenal both in teaching and competing (and a great guy as well!!) expect your understanding of even basic techniques to be boosted to higher levels, there are very rare guys out there who know things the average guy doesn’t and can communicate them, Ryan Hall is one of those guys, we’re very lucky to have him here in the South of England!   Still spaces left ;-) …email or phone me for details:  - 07906 151411

Are you a fan of the UFC and do you have a favourite fighter?

I love the UFC, my fave old time fighter is Marco Ruas, he was the first complete guy I think, he is also the only guy to make me wet myself….he choked me unconscious at a seminar back in 1997. I was in my don’t tap whatever phase back then and my bladder paid the price lol!

Nowadays I love GSP, Carlos Condit, Lyoto Machida, Maurilo Rua!

What other interests do you have outside of martial arts?

Helping my kids grow up with any vital info about life I think I missed out on when I was a kid! Studying Scientology, it’s been an incredible help to me in EVERY area of my life!

What’s your current favourite song?

Not sure about any current one’s I’m a classic rock fan, you can’t go wrong with AC/DC!!

Do you have any websites you would like to share?

No, it’s a disgrace I know but currently apart from my Facebook page we don’t have a website yet!! :-(  Feel free to friend up!

- Savage Garage Fight Team host Ryan Hall Submission Grappling Seminar, Wednesday October 12, 19.30-22.00, St Mary’s Sports Hall, Southampton, Hampshire.

UFC on FREE UK TV tonight!

January 25th, 2011 Duane No comments

FIVER are airng UFC 83: Main Event at 11pm. A brilliant opportunity to watch Welterweight sluggers Matt ‘The Terror’ Sera and Georges ‘Rush’ St Pierre do battle for FREE!

If you miss it at 11pm catch it an hour later on +1.

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DVD Review: UFC Ultimate Submissions

November 24th, 2010 Duane No comments

UFC Ultimate Submissions

Being a pro wrestling to mixed martial arts convert this UFC showcase of submissions is right up my street. When the Ultimate Fighting Championships first caught my attention the submissions and grappling element is what drew me in.

The submission and ground game are key elements of a mixed martial artist’s skill set. Boxing is known as the “sweet science”, however Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a scientific chess-game in it’s own right. Within octagon competition the key to victory is to knock-out your opponent by kicking or punching your opponent or to force him to tap-out in submission. UFC Ultimate Submissions DVD is loaded with masters of the tap-out.

Let’s see what you get: Highlights here include many stars of the octagon, you’ll see submission master BJ Penn winning Lightweight gold from Joe ‘Daddy’ Stevenson via rear-naked-choke at UFC 80, Newcastle.

TUF generation bad-ass Nate Diaz versus Kurt Pellegrino. Caesar Gracie trained Diaz is a human highlight reel of tap-out victories. Witness Pellegrino tap, constricted by a world class triangle-choke, complete with a Diaz biscep flex, adding insult to injury, accompanied by a double display of the middle finger, I told you he’s a bad-ass!

Former UFC World Heavyweight champ Frank Mir, possibly THE best heavyweight submission artist shows us how to break a giant’s arm, bringing the pain to Tim Sylvia via Armbar.

So what else do you want? Damian Maia? Yes, he’s here too, putting Ed Herman to sleep in a nasty Triangle Choke.

Anderson ‘Spider’ Silva – Middleweight champ and arguably THE best pound for pound fighter on the planet shows you just why he’s called that, making 2 tap-out career highlights.

Georges ‘Rush’ St Pierre the other best pound for pounder, exhibits superb submission skills, submitting world class wrestler Matt Hughes in their  third encounter.

The finale of the main feature sees Frank Mir make another appearance, highlighting his leg-lock submission win over the debuting Brock Lesnar. A perfect example of technique overcoming power.

As well as the icons of the octagon, look out for Rousimar Palhares, Evan Dunham, Cole Miller and Dan Miller – true grappling wizards.

Bonus features: Along with the current fighters showcased, this special collector’s DVD boasts 10 classic submissions from the Zuffa vaults, featuring legends of the cage.

A must-see is Japanese MMA icon Kazushi Sakuraba, a submission wrestler and king of the Kimura, submits Brazilian Marcus Silveira at Ultimate Japan 1.

Going way back to UFC 1, pioneering BJJ master Royce Gracie shows us all how it’s supposed to be done, tapping-out ‘The Baddest Man On The Planet’ Ken Shamrock, himself a submission specialist.

Other legends featured are Marcus Ruas, Tank Abbott, Marc Coleman and ‘The Natural’ Randy Couture.

10 more bonus classic submissions are also included from the likes of Hughes, Penn, Mir and GSP.

Third added extra is a highlight reel of combatants such as our very on Dan Hardy – who just won’t tap!

It’s got to be said this collection is further enhanced by the commentating of Joe Rogan, a BJJ practitioner who’s knowledge comes to the fore explaining the holds and positions to the uninitiated. It’s too easy to take Joe’s knowledge for granted.

Make space for UFC Ultimate Submissions on your DVD shelf, a must have for all MMA fanatics.

UFC Ultimate Submissions is out now on DVD, available direct from and all good retailers.

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DVD Review: UFC 111 – St. Pierre vs. Hardy

September 3rd, 2010 Duane No comments

UFC 111: St. Pierre vs Hardy

UFC 111 is all about the great British hope – Dan ‘The Outlaw’ Hardy challenging welterweight king Georges ‘Rush’ St. Pierre.

Co-main event status comes in the form of Heavyweight Interim Champion decider – Frank Mir vs. Shane Carwin. Coming into the cage with Carwin, Mir was not just there to decide the interim belt wearer, but equally as important in the mind of Mir was the possibility of being booked against Brock Lesnar for a third, the opportunity to avenge a loss.

Carwin headed into the bout undefeated, with high hopes and tremendous power. Shane looks awesome here in this epic contest, KO’ing Mir inside round 1, earning his spot to challenge returning title holder Lesnar at            UFC 116.

GSP vs. Hardy: Cocky Hardy earnt respect in this welterweight championship contest. Hardy sells a fight, he brings the heat, plus The Outlaw backs up the talk to the best of his ability. Number one contender Dan entered the 5 round fight boasting an undefeated UFC streak.

Despite not besting the French-Canadian, Hardy is admirable for his staying power, never tapping out to GSP’s numerous submission attempts. Our lad from Nottingham indures the full 25 minutes, Pierre is so damned relentless, overwhelming, taking Hardy down and dominating on the canvas, utilising Olympic-worthy-wrestling.

Unfortunately despite training with BJJ supremo Matt Serra, the man who beat GSP, Hardy is unable to keep the fight standing. To up his game ‘The Outlaw’ needs to improve his take-down defence. The problem is St. Pierre any elite fighter appear pale in comparison, including former lightweight champ BJ Penn.

A personal fave – Nate Diaz makes an appearance in the prelims of UFC 111, facing Rory Markham. Always exciting Diaz putting in a dominating performance.

Rounding out the package giving you value for money are the bonus features on disc 2. UFC 111 Countdown is a must-see, focussing on the co main event (GSP vs Hardy was treated to the Prime Time TV specials, omitted from this release).

Behind The Scenes follows the UFC crew and fighters media-work, promoting the event in New York, a stones throw away from Newark, New Jersey, host to UFC 111. The featurette gets close up and personal with Nottingham’s latter day outlaw – Dan Hardy.

We’re also introduced to less familiar UFC family member  - Kurt Watson, the guy responsible for weighing in the competitors, with that includes taking good care of the scales.

UFC 111 – St. Pierre vs. Hardy is out now on DVD, available direct from and all good retailers.

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UFC DVD review by Duane Farr

So, you wanna be a writer?

August 14th, 2010 Duane No comments

Calling MMA gamers and would be writers out there! Fancy being a guest reviewer by submitting a review of UFC Undisputed 2010? is seeking guest reviewers and MMA bloggers, email:

DVD Review: Death Warrior

July 26th, 2010 Duane No comments

Death Warrior - fight or die.

Timed well with the cinematic release of The A-Team in the UK, sees the DVD release of Death Warrior, featuring UFC star – Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, who also plays BA Baracus in the big screen nostalgia action flick.

As you can imagine by the title, Death Warrior is not for the faint-hearted, this film is aimed at those who like their action 100% hard hitting. Rampage plays ‘Wolf Jackson’, basically the Jackson we know already, a bad-ass, howling, body-slamming, cage-fighter.

The action kicks off with Jackson doing what he does best, slamming his way to victory. Lead character – Rainerio Isandro, played by the screen writer Hector Echavarria challenges Jackson post-fight, wanting one more big fight before quitting the fight game.

Just like the UFC but with but perhaps a little more dramatic so far, until the gangsters turn up, forcing Rain and Wolf to fight to the death or face the consequences imposed on their loved ones. Echavarria being the writer and starring actor unsurprisingly survives the no-holds-barred fight to the death against the former UFC light-heavyweight champion.

It transpires Rain and Wolf aren’t the only fighters manipulated by sinister gangsters. Rashad Evans, Georges St Pierre and Keith Jardine’s characters are all tricked to compete to the death or face the consequences, forced to fight on web-cast pay per views, being bet on for big bucks by bloodthirsty punters.

The MMA-movie follows Rain’s attempts to break free from the grasp of the crooks, to save his wife’s life.

A tale of heroic cage-fighters, gangsters, fights to the death, loyalty and betrayal. As to be expected from an Echavarria film, along with hard-hitting  graphic fight scenes, gratuitous female nudity and sex scenes are thrown in for good measure, perks of the job eh? Well you can’t blame him.

Admittedly Echavarria’s latest offering isn’t up to the previous standard set by Unrivaled, but if gangsters, suspense, bare-knuckle-fight action featuring UFC icons battling to the death is your thing you are sure to enjoy this latest release from E1 Entertainment.

Death Warrior is out now on DVD, available from all good retailers. are currently offering the brand new DVD for an amazing £7.99.

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DVD review by Duane Farr

VIDEO: Death Warrior DVD Trailer

July 12th, 2010 Duane No comments

Death Warrior, released exclusively on DVD through E1 Entertainment, Monday 26th July 2010.

Ahead of Rampage Jackson’s big screen debut in the UK starring in                  The A-Team movie, you can grab a copy of Death Warrior on DVD. Quinton features in this  cage-fight-flick alongside UFC contemporaries Georges St Pierre, Suga -- Rashad Evans and ‘Dean of Mean’ Keith Jardine.

Keep ‘em peeled for a full review of the MMA-movie DVD release right here at

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DVD Review: UFC Best Of 2009

June 23rd, 2010 Duane No comments

UFC: Best of 2009 DVD.

Along with putting all the UFC pay per view events on DVD for you to own, fortunately for us FightDVD also release all the best of collectors discs. One such recent offering is UFC Best of 2009.

Originally aired on ESPN, this unique DVD has the function of choosing extra bouts in their entirety as you view the main feature or you can pick to see the fights separately from the menu.

2009 without a doubt was an exciting year for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, seeing new champions crowned, emerging top contenders plus returning cage warriors returning to better form. If you weren’t able to catch all the UFC’s output last year then this DVD for you.

Highlights include the epic battle of champions, Georges ‘Rush’ St Pierre (Welterweight champ), challenged by the then reigning lightweight title holder BJ ‘The Prodigy’ Penn.

Another pivotal title fight was the crowning of new light-heavyweight king Lyoto ‘The Dragon’ Machida, who devastated ‘Suga’ Rashad Evans.

One of the biggest moments of them all had to be at the monumental pay per view – UFC 100. That huge moment there on July 11 being former WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar beating Frank Mir. Yes, ‘the next big thing’ stamped his moniker on Mir and the heavyweight division, thus avenging his only MMA lost.

Along with dominant champions, 2009 saw a huge return for octagon icon Chuck Liddell. The KO loss to Shogun Rua reminded us the best is behind the UFC Hall of Famer. Former PRIDE FC legend Rua of course went on to greater glory, putting in a great performance versus Machida, earning a return title fight in 2010.

Still in the LHW bracket, 2009 was the year a UFC great – Tito Ortiz made his return to active MMA competition and the ranks of the UFC. A new arrival making an impact Brazilian Little Nog.

The newer emerging talent featured on the 2 disc set that get a shout are Brits Dan ‘Outlaw’ Hardy, who had a fantastic year, plus Scouser Terry Etim, another rising star from our fair isles. Can’t forget the success of the UK contingent on season 9 of The Ultimate Fighter. Lightweight winner Ross Pearson in particular is a fighter to watch the progress of.

A fight aired at part of TUF 9 finale making the compilation here is Diego ‘Nightmare’ Sanchez facing Clay ‘The Carpenter’ Guida, in possibly the best slug-fest of ’09.

TUF 10: The Heavyweights receives a mention but here too, but not enough time here given to winner Roy Nelson, a fighter Dana White didn’t seem to appreciate.

The Best of 2009 may not be personally all what you might pick for the DVD but it’s clearly a value for money addition to your MMA DVD collection, boasting 345 minutes worth of ultimate-fighting action in total, including bonus material, peeking behind the scenes of memorable 2009 cage-clashes.

UFC Best Of 2009 is out now on DVD, available direct from and all good retailers.

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VIDEO: Countdown to UFC 111: St-Pierre vs Hardy

March 25th, 2010 Duane No comments

If you missed the Countdown, don’t worry here is part of the episode. A little Mir, Carwin, Fitch, and Alves all rolled into one.

This hype video highlights the showdown bewteen Frank Mir and Shane Carwin, focussing on the heavyweight’s training.
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VIDEO: UFC 111: St-Pierre vs Hardy Preview

March 10th, 2010 Duane No comments
On March 27th, two titles will be on the line in the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. You can order the Live event on Pay-Per-View or
Visit for more info.
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